Kiminori Takeuchi




愛知県立芸術大学 美術学部 デザイン学科 プロダクトデザイン専攻 卒業。
株式会社 京都デザインセンター(現GK京都)入社。



大阪工業大学 工学部 空間デザイン学科 非常勤講師 プロダクトデザイン演習(3年生)担当


After graduating from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, joined Kyoto Design Center Co., ltd. (now GK Kyoto Inc.) Involved in overall planning and product design, styling and modeling used clay.

After independent, engaged in various fields, including “marketAfter independent, engaged in various fields, including”development support”, “market support”, “Illustration”,”CG creation”,”Visualization”, “RP modeling”, and work for “design proposal” and “support work” for design.

Part-time professor at Osaka Institute of Technology,Faculty of Engineering.



独立した頃にCG用の3Dソフトとは異なる高価過ぎない3DCADを探していた。Rhinoceros は低価格な割に、高度で自在なモデリング、高品位なレンダリングのアウトプット、当時必須だった2Dデータによるデザイン指示図作成などが可能だった。また、データの互換性も良好で、クライアントのデータに対して私なりの多様な使い勝手があったことなど、自分のニーズに高次元で合致していた。


2Dでデザインをしていた頃に比べて、3Dでのデザインワークは外観形状の詳細が明確に判るので、デザイン形状の可否が即断できる。特に多数のパーツが複雑に組み合わさったような案件の場合は2Dデザインとは顕著な差がある。また、Flamingoを用いたCGや、自前の3Dプロッタによる切削RPモデルで提案のリアリティを向上できたので、デザインの決済が格段に早くなった。モデリングした3D データがそのままデザイン指示に使える場合も多く、業務効率も飛躍的に向上した。

Why use Rhino?

It looked for 3DCAD software not expensive when becoming independent. I have met Rhino at that time which is able to design and output high-quality models and rendering with lower price, and also output to 2D design drawings required in those days. I found very much satisfaction with Rhino, which can answer the needs for my design works with a higher dimension. Rhino has the good data compatibility and can create a modeling data in a various way. It is quite different from other low price 3D software only for CG.

Advantage of Using Rhino

I can make a quick decision which the design plan is right or wrong in early stage especially in cases that the design objects has many, complicated and combined parts, because the details of the appearance shapes are made clearly, compared with the 2D design proposal before. At the same time, I can make the final decision for the designing quickly because we can get a more reality with the CG by Flamingo rendering and a RP model by our 3D plotter, and what is more our operational efficiency has been dramatically improved because all I have to do for the design instructions is just supplying the 3D modeling data in most case.