Toru Kosaka - StudioEggMan Inc. -

小坂 徹 - スタジオエッグマン株式会社 -



代表取締役 / 画像制作職人

1997年から金属をモチーフとしたオリジナル作品【Mechanical Art】を継続発表中。 現在、プロダクトビジュアライゼーション、及び画像処理を手がける。


1998年10月:SWEDENで開催された”3D-festivel” Digital Hall of Fame出品

1999年10月:3D‐Festival Digital Hall of Fame Award入選

2000年3月:Swedish National Television 作品放映

2000年4月:WaltDisneyCompany Isaac V.Kerlow著 The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Imaging(翻訳版タイトル” コンプリート3DCG デジタル映像に関わるすべての人に”)作品提供

2001年12月:世界29名の作家による「SAN project」参加

2002年10月: Jeremy Sutton & Daryl Wise著 SECRETS OF AWARD-WINNING DIGITAL ARTISTS作品提供


2003年10月: アジアグラフィック秋田展出展


2004年3月: 企画展「コンピューターグラフィックスの美術」参加

2004年4月:自動車デザイン雑誌「Car Styling第160号」掲載

2004年8月:「SIGGRAPH 2004」参加

2004年12月: 「デジコンフェスタ横浜」 参加

StudioEggMan Inc.

His career has started as an artist for visual making of advertisement by compositing with analog photographs and he has continuously been eager to create his unique works ” Mechanical Art” inspired by metallic materials since 1997.

Currently, he is stretching from product visualization to image processing and has also brought out lots of advertisement, DVD cover visual making and graphic materials for exhibitions, the media.,etc.
Oct-1998: Participated in the “3D Festival” Digital Hall of Fame in Sweden.

Oct-1999: Awarded at the “3D Festival” Digital Hall of Fame.

Mar-2000: The work was shown on Swedish National Television.

Apl-2000: Had work featured in the book “The Art of 3D Computer Animation and Imaging” by the Walt Disney Company and Issac V. Kerlow.

Dec-2001: Participated in the “SUN Project” with 28artists of many nationalities.

Oct-2002: Provided works for the book “Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists”.

Jul-2003: Works displayed at the exhibit “Asia Graphic 2003, Yokohama at the Red Brick Warehouse”.

Oct-2003: Works displayed at the “Asia Graphic Akita”, “Creators Night From Sweden With Asia Graphic” and “Sweden Style Young Creators Day” exhibits.

Dec-2003: Participated in the “Japan-China-Korea Cultural Exchange CG Exhibit -2003 Sinograph” in Shanghai.

Mar-2004: Participated in the “Fine Arts of Computer Graphics”.

Apl-2004: Featured in the “Car Styling No.160”.

Aug-2004: Participated in “SIGGRAPH 2004”.

Dec-2004: Participated in “Digital Contents Festa 2004 in Yokohama”




まず自由曲面を自由に扱えるツールであることです。また、動作が軽く安定している事、ビューイングの動作が非常に気持ちいい事も気に入りました。また価格がリーズナブルであるという事も大きなポイントでした。私のオリジナル作品は映り込みの表現を大切にしていますが、Rhinoでは曲面の接続方法も複 数用意されており、また非常に直感的に操作できるところが気に入ってます。



-Why use Rhino?

First, Rhino is a tool which I can handle flexible with the sculptured surface. Also, I like the operation smooth and stable, and handling for viewing is very good. And the point is that the price is reasonable. My original works are valued for the refection, Rhino has the several ways of connecting with curved surfaces, and I like very much I can operate Rhino very intuitively.

-Advantage of Using Rhino

I can figure out my idea directly to the designing. The toughness of Rhino is essential for my design creation in which I usually repeat try and error. I can connect with a surface as I like, or make a gradation, as it is just like the image of hand molding. Also, Rhino operates flexibly and smoothly even though I repeat difficult operations.