Gerard Petersen



Gerard Petersen in a Naval Architect and founder of ScheepsbouwKunst.

The name of the bureau means in Dutch language: The Art of Shipbuilding.

The mission of ScheepsbouwKunst is to be market leaders of innovative product development in the maritime sector. The art of shipbuilding is driven by passion directed from a set of values to create a healthier world.

In order to foster our core values of quality and creativity, we put a lot of time and energy into our projects and are inspired by the ambition to make our dreams a reality.



Why use Rhino?

Rhinoceros was the best tool to design the innovative hull of the new concept motorboat Kenau. Rhinoceros was used throughout the complete product development process and was very successful.
In the Naval Architecture people use often several computer programs for shipdesign.
Rhino was able to do it all: Hull design, interior, construction of the ship, cabriolet top and technical installations. Even the new electric motor was designed in Rhino.

Advantage of Using Rhino

Rhinoceros generates surfaces as fast as I can think. It is also an excellent tool to visualize my ideas with Flamingo renderings or even the standard Rhino renderer.
Then it is possible to develop the design to something which actually can be build. And that all for a low price is very attractive for example small design bureau’s or design students.