Takeshi Fujiki

藤木 毅志




大阪芸術大学付属 大阪美術専門学校卒



Born on April 9, 1971 on Osaka

Graduated from Osaka College of Art affiliated with Osaka University of Arts

Engaged in designing at a computer supplier, data device like HDD/CD-ROM Drive, input device like mouse, OA furniture like PC desk and rack. After that joined i-Design Co., ltd. in 1999.

Mainly engaged in works, industrial design, designing, CG, resin cutting prototype with 3D tool



やはりコストパフォーマンスが一番優れているという点。 この価格帯の「使えるCADツール」と言うのは事実上Rhinoしか存在しなかった。(当時Ver1.0)第2に軽快なハンドリング=マシンパワーを過度に必要としない点。
最後にAutoCADに近い操作方法。2D CADからの移行にそれほど時間が掛かりませんでした。



Why use Rhino?

First of all, Rhino is the best in cost-effectiveness. Rhino was practically the only "USEFUL CAD TOOL" in this price range. (Ver.1.0 in those days) Second, we can handle Rhino comfortable, or Rhino requires less power of the machine.
This is very important for designers how fast we can reach to the design surface we want in a short time.
Finally, Rhino has the similar operation with AutoCAD. So I could transfer from 2D CAD system quickly.

Advantage of Using Rhino

First of all, for the reason of the cost-effectiveness installing 3D CAD system, Rhino is the best tool that can create a high-quality surface with minimum cost. We can get the high precision surface acceptable for creating metallic mold in usual industrial design products.
Also, various kind of input-output data format helps us to save unnecessary data translation and the time to do.