Kaori Akiyama




2002年:千葉大学工学部デザイン工学科 卒業
2002 – 12年:株式会社イトーキ / 商品企画・プロダクトデザイン・カラースキーム他
2013年:STUDIO SAMIRA BOON @ オランダ アムステルダム


2013年07月:1万人のクリエイターミーツ PASS THE BATON vol.2 ニールズヤード受賞
2013年11月:Experimental Creations #001 SEMPRE賞受賞
(木材が生きている素材だということをを表現したテクスチャ MW:WW / More Works : With Wood )
2014年04月:ミラノサローネ出展 Ventura Lambrate . collaborated with かなぐや.
(FK:WW / For Kurashi : With Wood)
2014年10月:富山プロダクトデザインコンペティション 入選 (モメントハンカチーフ)
2014年10月:Experimental Creations #002 FEEL GOOD creation 賞 受賞
(廃材となる野菜や果物の皮と煮ることで石に鮮やかな色を配した STONE COMPOTE)
2015年04月:ミラノサローネ出展 Ventura Lambrate .ʼExperimental Creations in Milanʼ
2015年04月:Creative Expo Taiwan, 台北, 台湾
2015年06月:インテリアライフスタイル展 TALENTS Young Design Award受賞
2015年09月:Social Design, 台北, 台湾
2015年10月:Experimental Creations #003
2015年10月:Mekong Design Selection

STUDIO BYCOLOR is dedicated to find meanings and effects that colors have on people. This firm is known to employ wide range of colors in product design, space design as well as branding.In 2002, the founder graduated from Chiba University in Design Science.From 2002 to 2012, she worked for Itoki Corp and worked on wide range of design projects.In 2013, worked with STUDIO SAMIRA BOON and established her own firm STUDIO BYCOLOR in Tokyo.Received “10,000 Creators meets PASS THE BATON Award”, “Experimental Creations #001 SEMPRE Award” “Experimental Creations #002 FGC Award” and “Interior Life Style Exhibition TALENTS -Young designer Award-“. In 2014 and 2015, Various other exhibitions in Japan, exhibited at Salone del Mobile Ventura Lambrate. http://studiobycolor.com/


2013 Aug   10,000 Creators meets PASS THE BATON Award
2013 Nov   Experimental Creations #001 SEMPRE Award
2014 Apr    Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy
2014 Sep   NewJewelry -PLUS-, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Oct    Toyama Product Design Conpetition / Finalist
2014 Oct    Experimental Creations #002 FGC Award
2015 Apr    Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy
2015 Apr    Creative Expo Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Jun    Interior Life Style Exhibition TALENTS -Young designer Award-
2015 Sep    Social Design, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Oct    Experimental Creations #003, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Oct    Mekong Design Selection, Tokyo, Japan







Why use Rhino?

Rhinoceros is I really like because of the high cost performance . It can also be used without the burden freelance designer .
It can be manufactured in a short time data for sharing images . On the other hand it can be passed to make a close data into a final shape .Also it is one of the attractive things that can be output directly passed through a 3D printer .

Advantage of Using Rhino

Because many users of Rhinoceros , it is not troubled exchange of data . It may also be compatible with the rendering software .